Twist Round Spinach Pie - Famiglia Di Pasta

Twist Round Spinach Pie
Famiglia Di Pasta

A traditional Greek spinach & feta cheese pie in a single round piece of 800gr. This mouth-watering and highly nutritious spanakopita, is made traditionally in Greece with phyllo dough, filled with spinach leaves, feta cheese, onions and seasonings. 

  • Frozen Product
  • 6pcs/Box
  • 800gr/Piece
  • Can be Served Cold or Hot
  • Manufactured in Greece
  • SKU: 000.728.FAM
  • Bake at 180C for 35-40 mins from frozen.

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  • Ingredients & Allergens

    The product contains gluten, milk, soy products, dairy products, egg products, lactose, celery, nuts, mustard and possibly traces of sesame.