Hellenic Gastronomy Paltsidi

Hellenic Gastronomy Paltsidi S.A. was established in 1975 introducing new tastes of appetizers to consumers. Ever since, Hellenic Gastronomy PaItsidi S.A. has been developed into one of the most competent production lines not only in the Greek but also in the European market.

Produces a big variety of appetizers , yoghurt desserts , mustard and ketchup dressings, salted and oiled processed fish, pizza products and a major level production of canned products.

However, there is a continuous interest in the creation of new and foremost pure products. The company operates in an area of 14.000m2 of modern facilities with automated equipment.

Hellenic Gastronomy Paltsidi S.A. having successfully combined tradition with technological development , through its big experience, challenges you to try the Original gastronomic delights for yourselves.

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