It was almost a century ago when it all began!

Haitoglou family had just arrived in Thessaloniki, Greece after fleeing Asia Minor. The most important thing they brought along with them was not their belongings: It was their love for family traditions and a secret family recipe for making the most popular sesame-based treat... Halva. It was then, in 1924, that they opened a small shop dedicated to creating their delicious halva by hand in small batches, continuing the craft their fathers and grandfathers had taught them. Throughout the years many things changed: the small shop became the center of attention for everyone that loved halva, as more and more people were drawn to this artisanal treat.

But some things remained the same: The passion to create the best products, the legacy embodied in the family’s secret recipe and, of course, the symbol of a female figure in a traditional Northern Greek costume. The “woman from Thessaloniki” - or the “Halva Lady” as she became widely known the proud, graceful figure with no name, started as a symbol to help people identify their favorite halva and its origin at a time when many couldn’t read. While the image evolved over time along with the company, it’s still the emblem of Haitoglou Family Foods, as it embodies our roots, heritage and tradition.

Now, building on our family’s values, we continue our mission with a passion to share our legacy, our unique craft and our favorite products with every family, as we have done for four generations.

Haitoglou Family Foods

Perfecting Our Craft, Since 1924

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