Me meli - Chamaidis Family

The products "me meli" come from the Chamaidis family, with a tradition in beekeeping.

Their history begins long ago, somewhere in mountainous Evrytania, in the area of Karageorgaiika. There, in tree trunks and in hives, the ancestors kept apiaries. Making a living was a difficult business. After the war and urbanization, the villages were deserted and the way of life had changed. Beekeeping, however, was kept as a second profession. The rich knowledge, the love for nature and bees, mixed with myths and legends, is passed on to the next generations at first as a fairy tale.

The family’s children grew up watching the queen of the hive tell her bees to go out and collect the sweet juice of the flowers. This is how the story made it to our days and entered the hearts of the new generation, who then decided to continue the journey.

The old and the new, the traditional and the modern, experience and science, all these are tight links of the same chain, in the beekeeping of the Chamaidis family. Everyone works together and produces honey and honey bi-products. The main characteristic is love and affection. The methods used for production are based on good practices for the bees and nature alike. The materials used to build and paint the hives are made safe for the environment and the bees. The family makes sure that all actions taken during the beekeeping season have the minimum environmental footprint, as respect for nature, is the cornerstone of their philosophy.

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