For more than 30 years we keep you company at your coffee break.

The idea was simple. "Take what you do best and share it with the world". Our company, "Agno Katerinis" started with that exact idea, baking its special sweet brioche and its cookie at the dawn of the 80's. We inherited that same idea from our parents and our grandparents and with that idea in our minds we will move forward to the future.

You are the reason for our growth.

Our successful course in our sweet brioche and our our cookies, inspired us to extend our recopies. In the beginning of 2000 we added to our catalogue the first varieties of petit-fours. Your sincere love for our sweets has driven us to experiment and create more than 30 types of petit-fours and 40 types of cookies, always treading on the following values:

Pristine ingredients

High quality

Excellence in craftsmanship

Tradition in taste

Modern production

We are active.

In 2011 we begun to present our work through the International Trade Fair for Bakery & Patisserie Sectors "ARTOZA", where we got known and we met, we shook hands and created fertile cooperations. With responsibility and pride for our products, we continue to do what we loved. To bake tasty and pristine sweets with a traditional family character.

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