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The company was founded in 1920 by Panayiotis Dagre and is one of the oldest and most progressive companies in making and packaging of processed meat products. Building its future on a modern model of growth, the DAGRE company now chaired by the fourth generation of the family, continuously expands its horizons with a constant assurance of the high quality of the products launched to the markets.

Having a top notch technology in combination to the best trained scientific and technical staff, with a distribution network throughout Greece, it ranks among the top companies in the field.

The fast execution of orders, the consistency, the impeccable collaboration with the clients and the assurance of high quality of its products, consist the core philosophy pertaining its business plan. The wide range of DAGRE processed meat products, covers completely the needs of the Greek Market in packaged products of traditional quality.

With a flavour coming from old traditional recipes, the DAGRE processed meat products remain as unadulterated and home-made, with respect to the tradition, just as they started in the beginning of the 20th century; with…

the unchanged tradition in taste.

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