Refund Policy

1. This policy sets out the returns policy for goods or services purchased through the online store operated by Ariston Foods LTD.

2. We only accept returns for faulty products.

3. Some types of goods are exempt from being returned for a refund where they are perishable and they will be not suitable for use after we received it

4. Other types of services cannot be refunded such as delivery fees (in case of cancellation) either when we are using a third party service or our own fleet

5. In case of a successful return a credit note will be issued to your account to be redeemed at your earliest convenience towards your next order.

6. If you are in area that is not covered by our fleet and you opt in for a courier service you are fully responsible for the contents of the parcel once it leaves our warehouse. Ariston Foods LTD we will not be held liable for any delays, damages etc from the courier company that might render the products unusable e.g frozen goods that have been delayed in transit.

7. You have to notify us regarding missing, damaged or for any other reason regarding your order within 3 days of receipt.